Laura Bush was a classy first lady. Very likable. But…and this is a big but… I’m not sure it’s cool at all for her to headline a fundraiser for a Catholic church as she is publicly pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage.

But that seems to be what Saint Mark’s Catholic Church in Lexington is doing. The fundraiser itself isn’t being held on church grounds but as you can see on the poster it says, “Saint Mark’s Catholic Church presents A Day Among Friends. Former First Lady Laura Bush.”

Here’s the poster:

The website Conversionem, which alerted CMR to this story, writes:

How can this individual’s appearance, which is sponsored by one of our Catholic parish communities, not be the source of serious scandal for all Christians irrespective of the topic addressed at the event? And, is it not perhaps even a bit more scandalous, if possible, that this gives the appearance that we as Catholics are happy to set aside our core beliefs with regard to Life and Family in order raise money?

I agree that this is exactly the message that will be heard by many who see this poster or even hear about the fundraiser.

I’m wondering what your thoughts are on this? Does it matter that it’s not on church grounds? Does it matter that the parish is not honoring her or giving her an award. To me, it doesn’t but I’m wondering what your thoughts are.

In case you doubt, here’s the video of Laura Bush affirming her support for gay marriage and abortion which clearly contradicts Church teaching.

Check out Conversionem for more.