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Rubio Attacks the Catholic Church

Marco Rubio loosed some hardcore bile against the Catholic Church, accusing the Church of cozying up to the Castro regime. The Daily Caller reports: Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio said Wednesday that he is “deeply concerned” that the leadership of… Continue Reading →

Vatican II Meant Baby Killing is Progress

I can’t call a piece by CBS News anti-Catholic. Sure, it’s clearly against the Church that currently exists and pretty much everything it stands for. But the piece is very pro-future Church -that nebulous creation that exists in the minds… Continue Reading →

China Buying Our Silence on Persecution of Catholics?

Most Rev. Robert W. Finn wrote a piece at the Catholic Key that I think asks a pretty important question. He asks if China is buying America’s silence about the persecution of Catholics. For me, the short answer is yes…. Continue Reading →

Where Was the Church on Gay Marriage?

In the gay marriage debate all the passion seems to be on the other side. People on our side are too busy caveating every argument with “I’m not anti-gay…” Here’s a rule – the side with the most caveats loses…. Continue Reading →

Boston Archdiocese Allows Gay Pride Mass

A parish in Boston is holding a Mass in celebration of Boston’s Pride month. I’m not kidding. Homosexual acts are a sin and pride is one of the seven deadly sins. So one parish in Boston decided to put the… Continue Reading →

“Temple Police” Strike Down Bishop?

Remember Hillary Clinton’s “vast right wing conspiracy?” Well, this is like that but for Catholics. Supporters of a progressive Australian bishop pushed into early retirement for his promulgated views supporting female ordination among other things are blaming a cabal of… Continue Reading →

Pro-Choice, Pro-Gay Marriage Laura Bush to Headline Church Fundraiser?

Laura Bush was a classy first lady. Very likable. But…and this is a big but… I’m not sure it’s cool at all for her to headline a fundraiser for a Catholic church as she is publicly pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage…. Continue Reading →

Child Denied First Communion Due to Cerebral Palsy

A child has been denied first Communion due to a rather severe cognitive disability which, according to the pastor, made him unable to understand the Eucharist. I don’t know the right answer here but it seems to me that the… Continue Reading →

Dear Doomed Christian,

RomeCirca 66 AD Dear Christian Recruit, Thank you so much for your interest in joining the Church. Your letter was forwarded to me by the former head of the evangelization and recruiting department. Unfortunately, he met a similarly grisly fate… Continue Reading →

Egypt is the New Nazi

Everything is “Egypt” all of a sudden. The Wisconsin protests are just like Egypt. Indiana is just like Egypt. And now it seems that the Catholic Church too is just like Egypt, according to one writer. I’ll get into the… Continue Reading →

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