A child has been denied first Communion due to a rather severe cognitive disability which, according to the pastor, made him unable to understand the Eucharist.

I don’t know the right answer here but it seems to me that the Church should do everything we can to offer the sacraments but the bishops have said:

It is important to note, however, that the criterion for reception of holy communion is the same for persons with developmental and mental disabilities as for all persons, namely, that the person be able to distinguish the Body of Christ from ordinary food, even if this recognition is evidenced through manner, gesture, or reverential silence rather than verbally.

It seems to me to be up to the priest to make the call.

Here’s the television report:

I do get a bit weary of the exit line from the reporter saying that this incident makes the mother question not only her pastor but her faith. And Anointing of the Sick isn’t just for those dying, despite what the woman says. And her calling it “discrimination” is a bit awkward in that the Church must be discriminating as to who receives Communion.

In the end, this is a terrible situation but I think you have to trust the pastor.

HT The Blaze