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Pro-Choice, Pro-Gay Marriage Laura Bush to Headline Church Fundraiser?

Laura Bush was a classy first lady. Very likable. But…and this is a big but… I’m not sure it’s cool at all for her to headline a fundraiser for a Catholic church as she is publicly pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage…. Continue Reading →

Saudi Bomb Plotter Arrested, Targeting Bush

I wonder how this will become Sarah Palin’s fault. The New York Post reports: A Saudi man has been arrested for allegedly buying chemicals and equipment to make a bomb and researching US targets, including the Dallas home of former… Continue Reading →

Springsteen Hypocritically Worried about “Tone”

Bruce Springsteen is worried about the tone people are using against the Obama administration. And all I can wonder is if this is his little attempt at a joke. But sadly, it’s not. He hasn’t seemed very jokey for about… Continue Reading →

National Catholic Reporter is Shocked!

The vomitously liberal National Catholic Reporter is feigning outrage over Glenn Beck’s comment that President Barack Obama is a racist. But to be fair they’re always outraged over there. Not a lot of humor at that site. But their obsession… Continue Reading →

Dude, Where’s My Judge?

It’s got to be nice to be a liberal. There was a slew of stories when Justice Souter announced his retirement. But now hardly anybody is talking about it in the Catholic or even conservative blogosphere. And there’s a reason… Continue Reading →

George Lucas Destroys My Childhood. Again!

I am officially heading to court today to file a restraining order on George Lucas. I am begging the court for a court order intended to protect me and millions of others from further harm from someone who has hurt… Continue Reading →

State Run Media?

This really ticks me off. I really didn’t care all that much about the whole “scandal” about Obama bowing to the Saudi king. I think it mattered to those who are worried about the context of the bow in the… Continue Reading →

Obama and the Scorpion

Barack Obama gave his first interview to an Arab media source. Sounds pretty stupid for an American President to give his first interview not in America but Obama’s got his plan and I don’t understand it. I don’t think I’ve… Continue Reading →

Is He Not In On The Joke That He Is?

“I just love that rug.” That’s what former President Bill Clinton said to President Bush, as he looked down at the pale gold rug with sunbeam design at the President’s luncheon this week. Is it just me or should Bill… Continue Reading →

White House Ducks Birth Control Battle

The White House wimped out. That’s what I believe happened today. The White House did some good and then avoided a nasty fight in an election year. The Bush administration was looking to strike a blow for religious freedom. So… Continue Reading →

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