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Hillary To Run Against Bush

Well Hillary is finally getting her chance. She wanted to run her presidential campaign against George W. Bush. And she did. She talked about him 24/7. Except she forgot to beat the people who were actually running against her and… Continue Reading →

White House Says Contraception May Be Abortion

The Bush administration may be looking to strike a blow for religious freedom. They are reportedly looking into requiring all recipients of federal aid to certify that they will not refuse to hire nurses and other providers who object to… Continue Reading →

Closet Catholic In the White House?

Daniel Burke at the Washington Post thinks that President Bush might be pulling a Tony Blair. Burke tells of the Catholic based culture that rules the west wing and some other lingering suspicions. Shortly after Pope Benedict XVI’s election in… Continue Reading →

Gordon Brown on Fire, Bush Cool

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown will not attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics in August. So China, in a retaliatory strike, set his hair on fire. When confronted, Chinese officials apologized and said it was just force of… Continue Reading →

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