“I just love that rug.” That’s what former President Bill Clinton said to President Bush, as he looked down at the pale gold rug with sunbeam design at the President’s luncheon this week.

Is it just me or should Bill Clinton NOT talk about loving the rugs in the Oval Office? Is it me or does it bring up so much of what was wrong about his Presidency?

It made me wonder, is Clinton so insulated that he doesn’t get it? Is it possible that he doesn’t know that his name is used more frequently as a punchline than as a serious reference.

His performance in the last election cycle would certainly lead me to believe that he doesn’t recognize his place in history as of yet.

I think that says something about the insulation our leaders have about them.

You look at George W. Bush. While his numbers were cratering was he hearing only the assuring whispers of sycophants?

Insulation leads to a disconnect. And when We the People aren’t heard, leaders will only compound their mistakes.

I don’t know. Something to watch for with Obama though, I think. He certainly seems susceptible to the lure of sycophantic hosannas as much as any other leader in modern memory. Let’s pray that he is not. And pray that he surprises us all.