One for the Good Guys: Artist Alexander Stoddart named Queen’s Sculptor
—Bravely wading upstream against the Modernist art establishment for decades.

PETA Gives Me a Great Idea!
—Peta wants to rename fish “sea kittens” to stop you from killing them. It gives me an idea.

Palin Calls Olbermann Evil
—Another reason to love Sarah.

Gupta And The Rest of the Talking Heads
—Obama’s naming t.v. hosts to his cabinet. Let’s put a few more in and see what happens.

The Greatest Video Ever
—Hey! It’s not my kid.

Georgetown’s Secret Identity
—Don’t let what you do limit your identity.

Creative Minority Reader

Throw The Baby Out With The Trash
—Hospital throws baby’s body out with the trash. Not a person they say.

What Choices Do Parents Have?
—Do parents get to make a value judgement anymore when it comes to public schools?

Watch if You Have a Daughter
—Our spiraling culture targets young girls.