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Month April 2020

Coach Jim Harbaugh Calls Abortion “Horrendous.” Insert freakout here.

Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh told the University of Michigan today that he no longer wanted to be employed there. Actually, that’s not what he said exactly. But he did call abortion “horrendous” so that’s pretty much the same thing…. Continue Reading →

Notes from the Apocalypse

I know everything looks bleak right now. There’s the Coronavirus, churches are closed, and now Andrew Lloyd Weber has released his musicals for free. But I want everyone to stop being so apocalyptic. I don’t think this is how it… Continue Reading →

Having Four Daughters at Home is Great But…

Having all the girls home all day every day is great. But one problem, they shower a lot. Girls are different. We practically have to hose him down. But because of the girls the shower drain is taking a beating…. Continue Reading →

Catholics Can’t Even Unite against Corona

It’s a stressful time. I get it. But the acrimony displayed arguing about this current crisis is a bit koo-koo. People can question if Corona deaths are being overcounted and still believe that the Coronavirus is a danger and understand… Continue Reading →

Wait. They Closed the Grand Canyon?

They closed the grand canyon due to social distancing. The GRAND CANYON. You’d think if any place in the world could accommodate social distancing it would be there.

We Are Now Completely Dependent on China!! Feel Safe?

India, acting for its own interests, added chloroquine to a list of pharmaceutical ingredients which are no longer allowed to be exported until officials get a handle on how much will be needed for India’s COVID-19 outbreak. And that leaves… Continue Reading →

Sometimes I Wish This Was Normal

I know things are bad out there but I’ll admit there are moments when it’s kind of nice to have all the kids home. It’s fun to watch them interacting, especially the younger ones with the older ones. I’m not… Continue Reading →

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