I read recently that there are more people in America practicing wiccan-ism than there are Presbyterians. Hey, to me, going from Presbyterian to wiccan seems like a lateral move but…whatever.

Now, it seems a coven of witches is gathering to hex Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Anyone else starting to think Pope Benedict XVI was right about Harry Potter?

I guess the interesting thing to note here is that unlike the Middle Ages the witches and the mobs are on the same side.

NY Post:

The Witches of Bushwick upheld their promise to “hex” Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh on Saturday night, carving his name into a black candle, dousing it in “Revenge Oil” and then setting it on fire in a private ceremony in the Brooklyn neighborhood.

The goal was “exposing the fact that he’s a crook,” explained witch Dakota Bracciale, 29. “I mean if his d–k shrivels up and falls off, great, but I don’t think that’s something realistic to hope for.”

Witch Lindsay Von Wener, 26, said hexes work through the power of positive — or negative — suggestion, sort of as a matter of “witch-ful” thinking.
“If you put it out there, then it’ll happen,” she said. “If you watch Oprah, then you know how to do witchcraft.”