There haven’t been many since Where Are My Children

I keep reading that Hollywood wanted nothing to do with the new movie Gosnell because abortion is such a divisive topic. That, of course, is complete manure. They want nothing to do with pro-life movies because they hate pro-lifers.

If they truly just wanted to stay away from a controversial topic, why make movies like Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Dirty Dancing, Cider House Rules as well as countless television shows including Maude, Dawson’s Creek, Party of Five, and most recently Scandal, all of which featured abortions?

Interestingly, a little over 100 years ago, Hollywood created a movie starring Tyrone Power Sr. in which he played Richard Walton, a district attorney, who was very pro-eugenics. In the silent film, he is trying a case against Dr. Homer, who has been arrested for distributing ‘indecent’ birth control literature that includes lines shown on screen saying, “When only those children who are wanted are born the race will conquer the evils that weigh it down.” (Sound familiar?)

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