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Join the Million Bon-Bon March

Just days after Democrat strategist Hillary Rosen said that Ann Romney, mother of five, had never worked a day in her life, the President of the National Organization of Women has now gone out of her way to insult stay-at-home… Continue Reading →

Some Things Moms Can’t Do

I’m used to being the only Dad wherever I go in a sea of Moms. A few days ago I was at my daughter’s basketball game. I sat with my other four children in the bleachers cheering my daughter near… Continue Reading →

Worst Dad…Evah!!!

Getting ready for Father’s Day, this video should be a cautionary tale about what not to do. There may be worse fathers whose bad-Dad-ness was televised nationally but I can’t think of any. And to make it worse the guy… Continue Reading →

Coolest Dad Ever

I know Mother’s Day is coming up but we’re guys so we’re celebrating Dads today just ’cause. This is a Dad who knows how to keep cool. Check out the lightning fast reflexes. That guy might be unflappable but this… Continue Reading →

It’s a Dad’s Life

This is funny stuff. Thanks to Marcel from Mary’s Aggies who beat us to this video and then sent us a pity email to say something like “Scooped you suckas.” Or maybe he was just being nice.

Hero Dad Saves Baby from Car Crash

The Blog Prof writes: Shocking Car Crash Footage Shows Father Taking Full Impact to Save Baby. Holy cow! Saw this linked by Instapundit and it’s hard to imagine that the father even survived: Check out The Blog Prof for more… Continue Reading →

I’m Definitely a Better Dad Than This Guy

OK. I’ve got a lot of problems as a Dad but I’m definitely a better Dad than this guy. The Wall Street Journal reports: “Selling my kids on the Craigslist black market. I have two kids, two and one year… Continue Reading →

Staying Home Sick

My eight year old came down the stairs saying she didn’t feel well the other morning. Now, as a father of five, I’ve grown to view claims of sickness with…shall we say…a fair amount of wariness. My seven year old… Continue Reading →

Worst Dad Ever

HT Viral Footage

A Sherpa’s Guide to Heaven

I didn’t want to be a father. It wasn’t that I had anything against kids. I just didn’t understand the whole melting oooh and aaaaah thing that people did around children. It’s not that I was against having children. It’s… Continue Reading →

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