Trending right now on Yahoo are stories on sex robots. According to several reports, sex robots will take the place of prostitutes in 2050, according to a new paper.

I hope they don’t run on gas or the environmentalists would be pretty ticked off. Actually, I think everyone would. I mean people could just get married if they wanted to canoodle with a cold, lifeless, gassy partner. (What?!)

But you can start the countdown until we see news stories of ethicists pondering whether it’s technically cheating on your spouse to have intercourse with a robot. We’ll have a reality show with Hugh Hefner marrying a sex robot -which would be technically legal because by then Hefner himself would be 75% robot. (This comes after the revelation tht Paris Hilton was actually a sex robot all along.)

The good news is that the Catholic Church likely won’t have to pay for contraception for the sex robots. But the bad news is that some Georgetown students will testify before Congress that they can’t afford their sex robot so the university should have to pony up for one.

And then you’ve got the class warfare aspect. It’s not fair that rich people get the Nicole Kidman model and poor people are stuck with the Bea Arthur model.

This will all, of course, fall under what passes for moral nowadays because people will just ask, “Who am I hurting” as if that were the moral benchmark for all activity.