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Sex Robots

Trending right now on Yahoo are stories on sex robots. According to several reports, sex robots will take the place of prostitutes in 2050, according to a new paper. I hope they don’t run on gas or the environmentalists would… Continue Reading →

The Myth of Consequence Free Sex

I know a guy who married the wrong woman because for the first time in his life he was having sex. And he was fooled into thinking he was in loveā€”for a while. I know a girl who was smarter… Continue Reading →

Pastor “Sexperiments” with Wife on Roof of Church

Making me very thankful that Roman Catholic priests don’t marry, a pastor and his wife “sexperimented” on the roof of their Church for 24 hours. And they called the media, of course. I mean, why “sexperiment” if there aren’t cameras… Continue Reading →

PETA Accuses NYTimes of Necrophilia

How awesome is that headline? The kicker is that it’s true. PETA, the animal rights organization that’s starting their own porn site, is accusing the New York Times of necrophilia for running this picture. The Atlantic Wire has the quote:… Continue Reading →

Dude. How Does a “Sex Conference” Bomb?

OK. How did Fordham University’s conference on sexual diversity fail. It had all the makings of a hit. Seriously, how does a sex conference fail? Just say the word “sex” and people pay attention. And throw in the bonus of… Continue Reading →

Father Corapi Has Been Accused

CMR loves Father Corapi. Anytime I catch him speaking on EWTN I stop and listen and am always impressed and moved. That’s why when I did my morning web surfing and came upon a headline at New Advent saying Accused:… Continue Reading →

Is This Appropriate Sex Ed for 5 Year Olds?

The UK is completely insane. The Daily Mail reports: Explicit cartoons, films and books have been cleared for use to teach sex education to schoolchildren as young as five. A disturbing dossier exposes a wide range of graphic resources recommended… Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two U’s

You know how I know we’re doomed? There are two stories out there right now that couldn’t be more different. Our reaction to them as a culture though is interesting. This story on MSNBC.com asks if perhaps maybe a college… Continue Reading →

The Sexualization of Evangelization

A publicity seeking pastor is erecting signs around his church saying “My Sex Like Stinks.” He can say it’s all about reaching out and evangelizing but there’s no way you can convince anyone with three brain cells that this isn’t… Continue Reading →

Shock: O’Donnell Says Masturbation and Abortion are Sins

This has to be one of the most unintentionally funny pieces ever written by a news organization. If you want to know why the mainstream media is dying, check this out. CBS News certainly believes they have the goods on… Continue Reading →

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