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Sex Ed at 5 Years Old?

Building blocks, ABC’s, and sex ed. That’s what five year olds will be taught about in the UK, says CathNews. UK’s school children will be given sex education from the age of five, and although parents can keep their kids… Continue Reading →

The Miracle at Woodstock

The mytholoygizing of Woodstock has been a source of books, movies and conversation for years to the point where many even see it as a religious experience. According to Religion News, rock historian Pete Fornatale, author of “Back to the… Continue Reading →

The Rise of the Sex Tape and Lack of Love

According to Instapundit, there may be a sex tape between former Presidential candidate John Edwards and his lover Rielle Hunter. Firstly, ewwww. But it got me wondering about the rise of the sex tape. I mean, why do people feel… Continue Reading →

Flashing on American Idol?

I allowed my nine year old daughter stay up with me to watch American Idol this year for the first time. I’d never watched it before and we enjoyed it. She was rooting for Allison and it was nice spending… Continue Reading →

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