I allowed my nine year old daughter stay up with me to watch American Idol this year for the first time. I’d never watched it before and we enjoyed it. She was rooting for Allison and it was nice spending time with her every night. She always had a big smile on her face because she didn’t have to go to bed with her sisters and brother on the night Idol was on.

But last night, when first they had “Bikini girl” come out to sing Ryan, Simon, and Randy acted like fourteen year old boys I was questioning if this was appropriate for my nine year old. That was ridiculous. But then to have Kara Dioguardi sing a song and then flash the crowd to show, I guess, that she, at 38, has a good body.

Look, I couldn’t care less if Kara wants to pole dance but women ripping their clothes off is not what I want my children exposed to.

My daughter was confused by it and honestly I didn’t even know what to say about it. She asked me why Kara did that. I said I had no idea and then added after a few seconds, “But it was bad.”

Not the greatest response, I know, but I didn’t see it coming at all.

And Ryan Seacrest feebly tried to make it better by saying that her taking off her clothes would send a lot of money to a charity of her choice. So if hookers gave a percentage of money to charity it would all be cool then?

American Idol is a fun show. It’s just not a show that my kids will be watching any time soon.