A publicity seeking pastor is erecting signs around his church saying “My Sex Like Stinks.” He can say it’s all about reaching out and evangelizing but there’s no way you can convince anyone with three brain cells that this isn’t just a cheap publicity stunt using sex as a way to get attention -kinda’ like Katy Perry.

Great, now we’ve got to hide our kid’s eyes as we pass churches like my mom used to do when we passed the Drive-In that always seemed to be playing some “Porky’s” ripoff for three summers straight. Sadly, the drive-in was right next to Toys R Us. (That was some poor city planning if you ask me.)

And hey, it seems to be working for the pastor because ABC News aired a piece on his daring new evangelization strategy. Sad. I’m sure this strategy will be deemed a success not on the number of souls saved but on the number of television vans in his parking lot.

Check out the video.

ABC News