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Pastor “Sexperiments” with Wife on Roof of Church

Making me very thankful that Roman Catholic priests don’t marry, a pastor and his wife “sexperimented” on the roof of their Church for 24 hours. And they called the media, of course. I mean, why “sexperiment” if there aren’t cameras… Continue Reading →

Pastor Uses Jesus’ Parable To Defend Abortion

We’ve all heard Christians say that while their religion might say abortion is wrong, they can’t force their religion on others. That’s the out they give themselves. But Reverend Matthew Westfox of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice goes one… Continue Reading →

The Sexualization of Evangelization

A publicity seeking pastor is erecting signs around his church saying “My Sex Like Stinks.” He can say it’s all about reaching out and evangelizing but there’s no way you can convince anyone with three brain cells that this isn’t… Continue Reading →

What Do You Want In A Pastor?

There is a big shakeup going on in my diocese. Pastors are being relocated throughout the diocese and because of a shortage, many priests will become first time pastors. My parish will not be exempted and the pastor of my… Continue Reading →

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