The UK is completely insane.

The Daily Mail reports:

Explicit cartoons, films and books have been cleared for use to teach sex education to schoolchildren as young as five.

A disturbing dossier exposes a wide range of graphic resources recommended for primary school lessons.

The shocking material – promoted by local councils and even the BBC – teaches youngsters about adult language and sexual intercourse.

Here’s one piece that’s been cleared for the little ones.

And it’s not just the UK. Obama’s School Czar ran an organization that hosted students conferences about tolerance that were a cover for teaching 14 year old’s about “fisting.”

Here’s the thing -the moment you accept that it is the school’s responsibility to teach children about sex is the moment sanity lost. Parents in the pieces I’ve read are arguing that it’s too soon for this kind of material. But that’s quibbling. It’s not the state’s role to teach children about sex. Are schools doing such a great job that expanding their purview is in order? The argument must be that it’s the parent’s responsibility, not the state’s.