Yesterday NPR fired Ron Schiller who was busted on video by James O’ Keefe bashing conservatives as racist xenophobes. They also accepted his superior’s resignation. They’re hoping that this ends all the talk about defunding NPR. We’re assured that Schiller was a lone wolf and this is no way represents how NPR views conservatives. News reports quote an NPR official saying that NPR needed a “sacrificial lamb.”

It reminds me of the fallout surrounding Lila Rose’s videos with Planned Parenthood. Time and again Lila Rose catches Planned Parenthood in illegalities from aiding and abetting underage prostitution to illegally covering up rape allegations. What happens? Some low-level employee gets fired but we’re assured that their actions are in no way indicative of Planned Parenthood at large. No matter how many times it’s happened we’re assured that these are long wolves acting outside the high high standards that Planned Parenthood holds itself to. And then we get the sacrificial lambs.

Same thing with O’Keefe’s and Hannah Giles’ ACORN videos. Those videos were devastating but what was the response from ACORN and their political apologists? We were assured that the misbehavior was just a few lone wolves. And more sacrificial lambs were instantly created.

I’ve gotta’ ask, how many lone wolves make up a den? Planned Parenthood, ACORN, NPR all have fired lone wolves. You mean to tell me that all these people were acting of their own volition completely opposed to the standards of their organizations? Who knew that leftists were such rugged individualists?

All of these organizations thrive due to taxpayer funding and when exposed they fire low level employees who they claim acted as lone wolves. I think in actuality Lila Rose and James O’ Keefe have uncovered dens of taxpayer subsidized wolves who are simply surviving by turning on the people they trained to break the law because they got caught. In fact when you think about it, wolves will sometimes eat their young or weaker members so this makes a lot of sense. In so many ways.

Pro-lifers and conservatives cannot depend on the media to do their job so this kind of undercover investigation should continue. It must continue. We must keep shining light into the darkness. It’ll be amazing what we find.