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Conservatives Are the GOP’s Gays

Are conservatives the Republican’s gays? I’m serious. Just this week the Dems introduced legislation in the House and the Senate to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. They know that this has absolutely no chance of passing. None. But they’re… Continue Reading →

Sacrificial Lambs and Lone Wolves

Yesterday NPR fired Ron Schiller who was busted on video by James O’ Keefe bashing conservatives as racist xenophobes. They also accepted his superior’s resignation. They’re hoping that this ends all the talk about defunding NPR. We’re assured that Schiller… Continue Reading →

A Great Story on the Nashville Dominicans: on NPR!

National Public Radio is not what one might call particularly Catholic friendly. As the national voicebox for the values of Modernity, they often have a hard time understanding ideas that preexist Kant, Descartes and Nietzsche. But even NPR can’t resist… Continue Reading →

Priest Questions Bishop Olmsted

The Church’s sexual abuse scandal is the “blame Bush” of Catholicism. Anything that goes wrong anywhere that has even the remotest connection to Catholicism can be explained by or blamed on the sex abuse scandal. It’s reflexive now. Liberal Catholics… Continue Reading →

NPR: Too Many Catholics on the Court?

NPR has an unintentionally hilarious piece out today that sounds the alarm that when Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens steps down it could be the first time ever that there are no Protestants on the Court? Why? Because all… Continue Reading →

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