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Sacrificial Lambs and Lone Wolves

Yesterday NPR fired Ron Schiller who was busted on video by James O’ Keefe bashing conservatives as racist xenophobes. They also accepted his superior’s resignation. They’re hoping that this ends all the talk about defunding NPR. We’re assured that Schiller… Continue Reading →

Name that Scandal!

The mainstream media typically does the honors of naming our large national scandals and even our celebrity couplings like “Bennifer.” But as the mainstream media has sat this most recent scandal out, CMR is asking for your help on pinning… Continue Reading →

Leave it to the Cables

Charlie Gibson sneeringly said of the news surrounding the ACORN videos that “maybe that’s one you leave to the cables.” Yes Charlie. You at Good Morning America had much bigger stories that really mattered to people like… An interview with… Continue Reading →

I’m Not Biased, I’m Incompetent

Michelle Malkin reports that ABC’s Charlie Gibson explained why he hasn’t covered the news concerning ACORN in recent days: While listening to Don Wade and Roma this morning on WLS AM Chicago, they had Charlie Gibson on as their usual… Continue Reading →

ACORN Should Be Closed For Stupidity

The Senate has voted 83-7 to cut off ACORN Housing Funds. Wow. If you ever think that you can’t make a difference in this world just think on the fact that two ridiculously dressed young people may have just taken… Continue Reading →

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