Charlie Gibson sneeringly said of the news surrounding the ACORN videos that “maybe that’s one you leave to the cables.”

Yes Charlie. You at Good Morning America had much bigger stories that really mattered to people like…

An interview with Matt Damon who is hawking a movie where he ironically plays a “whistle-blower.” (GMA likes pretend whistleblowers as opposed to real ones?)

Rachel Ray’s Meals for a Steal.

Serena Williams admitting she “lost control.” Duh!

Paddle Surfing With Laird Hamilton and Sam Champion. (Is that his real name?)

Reality TV Makes Being Fat Cool. (I’m serious. That’s what they called the segment)

So I’m sure that you’d understand that with all those pressing stories, Charlie Gibson has to allow stories concerning organizations that receive millions in taxpayer funds, has strong ties to the President of the United States and is caught on tape teaching people to defraud the government among other crimes up to an including murder and sex slave trafficking to be handled by the cables.

You know what. He might as well leave it to others. Because unlike Charlie Gibson maybe some others are actually interested in truth.