Michelle Malkin reports that ABC’s Charlie Gibson explained why he hasn’t covered the news concerning ACORN in recent days:

While listening to Don Wade and Roma this morning on WLS AM Chicago, they had Charlie Gibson on as their usual Tuesday morning guest. Don asked Charlie, why, after the senate last night voted to halt funding to ACORN and after three of those video tapes of ACORN employees helping the pimp and prostitute set up shop, there was no mention of it anywhere on the network news. Charlie gave out a most uncomfortable laugh and said that that was the first he heard of it!

You see, Charlie was left with few options.

Either Charlie knew about the story and didn’t cover it which means he’s so biased that he can’t bring himself to report any harmful truths about the Democrats.

Or Charlie didn’t know about the story and he’s just incompetent. Charlie Gibson chose the excuse of incompetence. And here’s the thing. I believe him.