The Senate has voted 83-7 to cut off ACORN Housing Funds. Wow. If you ever think that you can’t make a difference in this world just think on the fact that two ridiculously dressed young people may have just taken out a multi-million dollar arm of the Democratic Party.

Something that Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and many on Fox News couldn’t do, two college aged kids did with one video camera. They did it alone. They did it without the help of the mainstream media.

In fact, think of it, Van Jones has been forced to resign as Czar and ACORN is on the brink of losing funding. And it’s all been done by new media without the MSM. Amazing, this 21st century, huh?

Now the House must be urged to follow the Senate’s lead.

ACORN should clearly be cut off from public funding. But the main argument shouldn’t be based on corruption. The main argument should be closing them down for stupidity. I ask you – how do you not smell set up when these two walk in the room? No pimp has dressed like that since Starsky and Hutch’s Huggy Bear.

O’Keefe came in looking like a pimp and saying he wanted to be a politician. Ha! How could they believe someone who looked like a pimp could become a politician….Oh…