The mainstream media typically does the honors of naming our large national scandals and even our celebrity couplings like “Bennifer.” But as the mainstream media has sat this most recent scandal out, CMR is asking for your help on pinning the nomenclature on the latest Acorn scandal.

Some of these I’ve seen elsewhere. Some were just mentioned to me by others:

A) Pimpaquiddick?
B) Nutcracker. Sweet!
C) Tailhook 2
D) Pimpgate
E) The Day the MSM Died
F) The Nut Case

So while some of these have merit I’m actually pretty unhappy with these suggestions so I’m asking you to put any suggestions in the combox. And CMR will pick the winner. If I think of anything I’ll throw it in the combox as well. Remember, the nomenclature of a scandal may just depend on you.