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Sex Robots

Trending right now on Yahoo are stories on sex robots. According to several reports, sex robots will take the place of prostitutes in 2050, according to a new paper. I hope they don’t run on gas or the environmentalists would… Continue Reading →

We’re Doomed. Robot Can Jump 30 Feet

The Sand Flea Robot created for the US military can jump atop a 30-foot building with a single bound. But no worries. It’s on our side. For now. In the words of Kyle Reese, “You still don’t get it, do… Continue Reading →

The Robopocalypse Will Be Brought to you by Harvard

The apocalypse will be brought to you by Harvard University. Seriously, did you ever think it would come from anywhere else? Harvard researchers just announced that they’ve built a flexible robot that can crawl and slither under a pane of… Continue Reading →

Inflatable Women and Robot Babies

Japan is in big trouble. What’s the trouble? A lack of babies is destroying the country’s economy. The birthrate in Japan is about 1.25 children per woman. 2.1 is the replacement rate. So what you have are no babies and… Continue Reading →

Apocalypse – Flesh Eating Robot Edition

In the annals of really bad ideas there is a scale. The are really bad ideas (like Microsoft Bob or Meg Ryan’s plastic surgery) and then there are really really really bad ideas. This story most definitely fits into the… Continue Reading →

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