Cardinal Francis George compared the gay pride movement to the KKK in terms of their anti-Catholic hatred and intolerance. This came up because the Gay Pride parade was threatening to interfere with Sunday services at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. He said that mirrored protest against Catholicism by the KKK.

He has since apologized. But I’ve got to wonder, didn’t he have a point? Haven’t many in the gay rights movement demonized and antagonized Christians?

Here’s a few headlines and pics to answer the question:

‘Jesus is a homo’ Homosexuals Disrupt Church Service –

Homosexual Rainbow Sash Movement Threatens to Disrupt Pentecost Mass, Confront Cardinal reported:

A confrontation between homosexual activists and high-ranking Catholic clergy was staged on Palm Sunday at London’s Westminster Cathedral. Homosexual activists from what media are calling a “gay human rights group”, “OutRage!” protested in front of the primatial church of English Catholics and disrupted the annual Palm Sunday procession. Activists were shouting and waving placards which read, “Vatican blocks gay human rights at UN”, “Catholics! Stop crucifying queers!”, and “Gays are not ‘intrinsically disordered’ – Shame on Catholic Catechism!”.

Headline: “Homosexual Activists Disrupt Mass; Refused Communion”

Homosexual protestors disrupt Catholic Mass in St. Louis, MO- AIP News

Gay Service Disruption and Priest Sued over Communion Refusal – Intolerance Against Christians

Drag “sisters” receive the Eucharist from archbishop – CNA

When it comes to violence there’s no comparison between the KKK and the gay rights movement. But as far as hatred and intolerance, for me, the gay rights movement mirrors the hatred and intolerance of the KKK, except instead of wearing hoods, they wear makeup.