NBC has a really silly article on what the world would be like if there was a way to make everyone twice as smart. So in the hypothetical case of NBC, they might get to Forrest Gump levels. Might.

So check this out. The geniuses at NBC try to anticipate what the world would be like with all those smart people. What would good guys and bad guys look like in this super-smart world?

While petty-crime rates would fall in a society of Newtons, Hunt speculated that white-collar crimes, such as banking scams and cover-ups by pharmaceutical companies, might increase and even grow more sophisticated. On the other hand, so would crime-fighting. “The evil corporate villains would be smarter than ever, but so would the government officials who were writing and enforcing the safety regulations! Who would win? Who knows?” he wrote.

Oh, so corporations would still be evil and government regulators would be the heroes? Boy, that brave new world sounds an awful lot like the inane ramblings of the not-so-super-smart liberals of today. How boring.

One thing is for sure, if everyone was suddenly twice as smart, there would be no NBC.