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Reuters Editor: Obama Smart, You Dumb

According to the global editor of Reuters, who wrote a piece published today in the New York Times, the fault line in politics is pretty simple to understand. Obama supporters are the “highly educated, technologically adept super-elite” and Perry supporters… Continue Reading →

Hey Rick Perry Just Told Me Obama’s Black

Rick Perry called the national debt a “black cloud” hanging over America. Insert liberal lunacy here. ABC and NBC among others all concluded that this was an allusion to Obama being black -because you know- America didn’t know Obama was… Continue Reading →

Watch Out for Rick Perry’s ARMY OF GOD!!!

Oh my goodness, start hiding atheists in your basement. Governor Rick Perry is mounting an ARMY OF GOD intent on taking over the country. Watch out!!! He’s going to establish himself as the head of a theocracy. How do we… Continue Reading →

Reporter Shows True Objectivity. But Not.

NBC’s Norah O’Donnell here exposes herself as a left wing shill complaining to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, “You gave them everything they wanted and we got nothing!” Uhm. Who’s “we?” Could you imagine if someone from Fox had… Continue Reading →

This is Just Too Funny. MSNBC Host Gets Owned

I’ve been trying not to post much from MSNBC recently just because it’s so consistently looney that I’m actually kinda’ bored with it. But this is just too funny. MSNBC host Contessa Brewer isn’t happy that Republican Mo Brooks isn’t… Continue Reading →

Reporters Attack Bachmann’s Foster Care

You knew it was only a matter of time before this happened, right? Reporters are dashing around Presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann’s history like they just got off the plane at Wasilla. They’re rabid. The effort to destroy Michelle Bachmann is… Continue Reading →

MSNBC Plays Softball with Cecile Richards

This is hilarious. In his interview of Cecile Richards concerning the battle in Indiana MSNBC’s Martin Bashir pretends that Planned Parenthood talking points are facts (even though they’re wrong) and repeats Big Abortion’s most bombastic talking points by simply adding… Continue Reading →

Lib: Why There’s No Conservative Journalists

Will Bunch of the Philadelphia Daily News explains why there aren’t many conservative journalists. Hilarity ensues. I’ve written several posts over the years about why more conservatives aren’t in journalism (at least on the basic reporting side — there’s a… Continue Reading →

Brian Williams Is a Caveman

Remember when some evangelist said that the hurricane in New Orleans was a punishment from God and everyone freaked out on him. Well, Brian Williams is essentially saying the same thing in his little cutesy paganesque way. Williams, like a… Continue Reading →

O’Donnell: Jesus Was a Socialist

Lawrence O’ Donnell says Jesus was “the First Recorded Advocate of a Progressive Income Tax.” And then O’Donnell calls those against progressive income taxes “the damned.” Yup. The damned. He talks about Jesus praising the widow who puts in all… Continue Reading →

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