According to the global editor of Reuters, who wrote a piece published today in the New York Times, the fault line in politics is pretty simple to understand.

Obama supporters are the “highly educated, technologically adept super-elite” and Perry supporters are “the squeezed and scared middle class.”

Super elite? Do they get capes? Yeah, they probably do. We just have to pay for them.

You’ve gotta’ check out these quotes from a piece that ran in the New York Times by Chrystia Freeland, the Global Editor of Reuters.

I’m just gonna’ pull some sentences out to give you a flavor.

You might call it the cognitive divide — the split between an evidence-based worldview and one that is rooted in faith or ideology — and it is one of the most important fault lines in the United States today.

President Barack Obama called attention to the cognitive divide, and reminded us which side he comes down on, at the beginning of this week, when he chose the Princeton University economist Alan Krueger to lead his Council of Economic Advisers.

You know, because Republican Presidents pick economists based on all that oogedy-boogedy religious stuff. Numbers!? What numbers?

The president is an empiricist. He wants to do what works, not what conforms to a particular ideology or what pleases a particular constituency. His core belief is a belief in facts.

The stimulus worked? So why are we looking for a new economic adviser if he does what works?

Word crunchers found that the president’s 2009 inaugural address was the first one to use the term “data” and only the second to mention “statistics.”

What?! I’ve used the word “propulsion.” That doesn’t mean I’m a rocket scientist, does it?

That cognitive approach is one reason Mr. Obama attracted so much support, especially among younger people, on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley. Mr. Obama is a data-driven technocrat, and so are the traders and the Internet entrepreneurs.

Hey, we all know that young people are sooooo empirical. If you want long term analysis you go right to 18 year olds. If you have trouble finding them they’re probably videotaping themselves behind the public school drinking their parents three year old vodka while skateboarding.

And quick question -since when do libs see the endorsement of folks on Wall Street as a good thing?

OK. Anyway. So she’s embarrased herself on the Obama part but just wait until she gets to Governor Rick Perry and the GOP. It actually gets funnier.

The candidates who have made the strongest start are those with a proudly faith-based approach. According to a Quinnipiac University poll released this week, Governor Rick Perry of Texas is the Republican front-runner. He spoke at a Christian religious rally on the eve of entering the primary contest last month and has questioned the science of evolution and climate change.

He spoke at a Christian religious rally? What?! That means he’s an enemy of science, right?

Never mind that, according to several news reports, Obama brings up God and prayer more than even George W. Bush ever did. (Pssst. They think he doesn’t mean it though.)

But then she drops it on us. Ready for it. Here’s the base of her thinking right here.

The divide between the empiricists and the believers is also the fault line between the highly educated, technologically adept super-elite and the squeezed and scared middle class.

Read that again just to make sure you got that.

So let me guess. Good ol’ Chrystia considers herself part of which team? Hmmm. I’m betting it’s the one that calls itself “super elite.”

I think I always knew that’s how they thought of us. I just didn’t think they’d actually say it out loud.

Exit question: How far removed is her statement from “To the gas chamber with you!”