A pro-life Congressman in favor of defunding Planned Parenthood has six children, one of whom tweeted that she was picking up contraception at Planned Parenthood.

Now the media, which is currently, obsessed with lecturing conservatives on civility in the discussion of contraception and religious liberty, is descending and dragging the Congressman’s daughter into the spotlight.

Roll Call’s “Heard on the Hill” column reports:

Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R) has six kids, and HOH has a favorite! Her name is Maggie Fitzpatrick, and she’s a young co-ed and a prolific tweeter without a filter.

Her tweets chronicle the life of an average upper-middle-class college girl, which is only made fascinating because she is a Congressman’s daughter. Her feed includes your standard tweets: underage drinking in the Capitol, being annoyed by activists while trying to pick up her birth control at Planned Parenthood — just a few among hundreds.

On Jan. 5, 2011, Maggie’s dad and the rest of the 112th Congress was sworn in to office. Fitzpatrick and his buddy Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas) decided to take the oath via television, rather than trek from the Capitol Visitor Center to the House floor.

It was an embarrassing incident for Fitzpatrick and Sessions, but another embarrassing incident was happening at the same time!

Maggie, not yet 21, twittered at 4:08 p.m, “if ya havent noticed im drunk. and in the capital. this might end terrible.”

If we hadn’t noticed in 2011, we certainly took note in 2012, when an older and wiser Maggie tweeted at her friend: “haha that awkward moment when your drunk in the capital building at a swearing in + your being judged #congressmansdaughterproblems.”

Maggie ran into more problems last October.

“[P]rotest outside of planned parenthood right now,” she tweeted. “[C]razy people yelling at me about abortion, I just want my birth control #backthef—off.”

Fitzpatrick, by the way, voted last year to curtail federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

This is pretty unconscionable by the media.

And, you see, the media will say that they’re not just tearing a family apart because they disagree with the Dad’s politics. They say they’re pointing out the hypocrisy. Another columnist seems to argue the incident is relevant because Fitzpatrick tells people all the time about how proud he is of his kids. The columnist wrote today:

It’s not exactly a case of a congressman’s daughter gone wild, but Margaret Rose Fitzpatrick hasn’t been toeing the line of her conservative Catholic upbringing at college, according to her rather salty Twitter feed…

Maggie, for reasons only Maggie knows, went public with the nose-thumbing, creating fodder for her father’s critics and political gossip hounds. This can’t be easy for a man who fosters the notion the Fitzpatricks are a picture-perfect family, trotting his very bright, very attractive kids out for campaigns and public events.

Within 20 minutes of most any conversation I’ve ever had with the congressman on any subject, he reminds me he has six children to whom he and their mother are devoted.

He has very proudly parented in public when the parenting was easy. “Meet my daughter Maggie,” he would say as she stood dutifully by his side at the polls.

Parenting her in public now is a whole other thing.

Mike Fitzpatrick has asked the media to allow his daughter to have a private life.

“Every parent faces the same challenges of raising children in a complicated world,” Fitzpatrick told Roll Call. “Parenting is made more difficult in the age of Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes children say or do things that you disagree with, but you love them unconditionally. My daughter Maggie is a young college student. This is a matter that my wife Kathy and I will handle privately.”

Privately? No. You’re a Republican. You and your family don’t get privacy.