Our toilet handle falls off now and again. It’s loose. So yesterday my daughter went to flush the toilet and the handle fell in and woosh. Gone into the plumbing.

So there I was with the plumbing snake with the claw on the end trying to retrieve this thing for about half an hour. Nothing.

Well, at least I can get a new toilet handle. So I dash off to Home Depot, pick one up and as I’m installing it I break it. Grrrr. I storm off out of the bathroom thinking that nothing ever ever ever goes right for me. As I storm out, I passed the heater which keeps my home at 68 degrees no matter what the temperature is outside, I pass by my computer which connects me to the internet, I pass by my fully stocked refrigerator, I pass by my wonderful wife, and I pass by my five beautiful children.

And I sit on the couch and think that nothing ever goes right for me.