I don’t understand how atheists adopt much of Christian morality while saying there’s no God. Many still profess to be kind, caring and loving. They aspire to be charitable to the poor and help friends in need.

In fact, they argue that this is evidence that people don’t need God to be good people. I actually had someone say to me a few years ago that “You don’t need to believe in God to be a good Christian.” Huh?

And when asked these good atheists don’t have any argument as to where their morality comes from. I can never seem to get them down to a basis for their definition of good other than they have some notion that it’s agreed upon in some manner. They don’t understand that they’re defining being good mainly by Christian standards. Even in supporting the abomination of abortion they often couch their support of it in terms of love and mercy for the would be mother. They are unwittingly but incorrectly following the morality which stems from Jesus’ teachings. In a chaotic universe, why strive after such things as love and mercy anyway?

Even a famous atheist like Richard Dawkins called himself a “Cultural Christian.”

But doesn’t the matter of whether we were created to love by God or we came about by freak chance have any difference in our morality. I’m telling you now that if I was an atheist I’d be a pretty bad guy.

As Jeff Miller asked the other day concerning the morals of atheists:

Jesus asked “Why do you call me good” trying to get a response of faith, but I might ask the atheist “Why do you want to be called good” in a morally relativist world?

So let’s say for a moment there’s no God. Why on Earth would I adopt the teachings of some lunatic from the Middle East who claimed to be God over 2,000 years ago who ended up being tortured and executed by the state.

And I’m supposed to allow my 21st century life to be based on the mores of a madman who was born 2,000 years ago? It makes no sense at all. Why not randomly pick another 2,000 year old criminal to base your life on? Why not Barabbas? That’s right. Why not be a Barabbian?

It would make just as much sense.

To drill it down to a finer point, if Jesus claimed to be God and was not you’d have to assume he was a raving lunatic. But how do you get from there to yeah he was a lunatic but he advanced the morality on which I base my life as does much of the world?

Seems kind of a jump, doesn’t it?