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Month August 2009

Cdl Mahony: Kennedy Was Champion of Powerless

This one sickens me. And not just a little gurgle in my stomach. I’m talking about Linda Blair projectile vomiting, spin my head around, and hurling insults at anyone near me. Yeah, that kind of sickening. According to the LA… Continue Reading →

Secularist’s Favorite Body Part

For years, the appendix has been many secularists favorite body part…if you don’t count the body parts you can use to abort babies. The appendix’s popularity has been mainly because the organ’s perceived uselessness was thought to be evidence of… Continue Reading →

Connie’s Corner

If the founding fathers sawwhat is happening in our country today,they would have their slaves turn them over in their graves. Post partisan politics is a close relative of the Unicorn. Looking at what has become of our government,is it… Continue Reading →

Building Bridges – Why Ecumenism?

Ecumenism is the opposite of pornography, easy to define but you are never sure when you are actually seeing it. Last week a group of Jewish leaders were gnashing their teeth because the Church said that the one of the… Continue Reading →

Connie’s Corner

Alas, the Tree of Libertywas not chopped down for instruments of warbut for 1018 pages of paper. The phrase ‘the Gov’t will get you coming or going’has a whole new meaning these days. Socialized Medicine is to health carewhat Bob… Continue Reading →

No Such Thing as Abortion Trauma

Psychiatry is not rocket science. It’s much much much more difficult. Impossible for little brains like yourself to understand. I myself am obviously much too thick to understand. You see, I read blogs and I’ve read literally hundreds of stories… Continue Reading →

Check This Out!

I know my sister made this and starred in it so I have to say nice things about it but I think it’s really funny and has the benefit of being a true story. Check it out for a good… Continue Reading →

ObamaCare – Rejected Bumper Stickers

Created Equal?

For many years, one of the main arguments for abortion was to simply punt on the question of humanity. They’d say since we can’t say when life begins we might as well keep it open season on babies until they’re… Continue Reading →

Connie’s Corner – Daily Dose Of Common Sense

If you know what is good for you,you will never vote for somebody who saysthey know what is good for you. I don’t think that cremation is for me,I don’t want to give God any ideas. Before voting remember,true love… Continue Reading →

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