Matthew wrote just yesterday about why the pro-life movement will eventually will win. Among the reasons, Matthew wrote:

Improvements in science continues to enhance our knowledge of what’s going on in the womb, putting pro-aborts on the side of being “anti-science.” When Roe first became the law of the land pro-aborts argued that the baby wasn’t a baby at all but just a clump of cells. Most people know that’s not true anymore. People have seen 3-D Ultrasounds. People have seen the photo of the baby reaching out during an in-utero surgery. The numbers of the ignorant are dwindling and that aids our cause.

The science is on our side and now it appears that a major news program has even noticed.

On July 29, ABC News covered a heartwarming story of two unborn babies with a terrible problem. The twins were diagnosed with “Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome.”
A deadly complication that would likely kill both unborn children. The children were saved by a remarkable in utero surgery.

Almost as remarkable as the surgery, however, is the the fact the ABC decided to do a story which so clearly illustrates the humanity of the unborn. Add to that, this introduction by Charlie Gibson.

We have “Closer Look,” tonight, at some of the most awe-inspiring surgery that modern medicine has to offer. It is not an operation performed on a heart or a brain, as delicate as those procedures might be. This surgery is done on the tiniest, most fragile of patients imaginable. Babies yet to be born. ABC’s John McKenzie on a rare procedure done inside the womb. Not just on one fetus, but two.

Were that not enough, the piece included this exchange between John McKenzie and Dr. Kenneth Moise of the Texas Children’s Hospital.

MCKENZIE: Using a kind of miniature telescope, doctors enter Kim’s amniotic sack. And there they are, the boys. Their perfectly formed feet and hands.

MOISE: You can see them moving sometimes they’ll reach up and grab the scope.

MCKENZIE: The fetus will grab the scope?

MOISE We’ve had it actually pull on the scope.

As we remember from the famous Michael Clancy photo, nothing illustrates the humanity of the unborn better than their little hands grasping just as newborns do.

Kudos to ABC News for covering this story and for doing it right. You can see the full story and video here.

Remember, the science is on our side.

Thanks to the Culture and Media Institute for bring this to our attention.