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You Think Your Church Wants Too Much Money?

Fr. Jay Toborowsky writes For those who complain, “The Church only cares about money”

I went to a temple here and talked with a rabbi about joining the congregation, which sounded nice, until she gave me the application to fill out which asked “would I be giving the standard $1700 fee and $600
additional to worship on high holy days?” I decided that Judaism may have to wait until I’m much more monetarily secure.

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— Patrick on Wed Jul 30 23:06:14 2008

Confession of a Non-Hugger

Domenico Bettinelli says no to all the huggy feely stuff.

Yes, I hear all the time how stiff and frozen we New England,
European-heritage Catholics are, especially compared to our Hispanic
brethren. Hey, I thought we were all about cultural diversity. Well, in
my culture we don’t get all huggy with strangers and mere
acquaintances. At least, I don’t.

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— Patrick on Wed Jul 30 23:02:29 2008

Interview With A Vampire

Be sure to check out Fr. Longenecker’s interview with the famed Vampire author. The be sure to let him know what you think at Standing on My Head

— Patrick on Wed Jul 30 11:35:19 2008

Funny – Church Shopping

Larry over at Acts of the Apostasy made us laugh with this funny post about church shopping.

How’s it work? After attending a Mass for the first time at a new parish, compare your reaction to one of the Response Simulation Modules (RSM) below. In no time at all, you will know if the new parish is right for you, providing you peace of mind, knowing quickly if you’ve found a home, or need to continue your search.

It is a visual joke, so be sure to go over and take a look.

— Patrick on Wed Jul 30 11:31:41 2008