What Tradition is Obama Referring To?
—It’s not the hubris. It’s the stupidity, stupid.

Today’s Priestess
—Fashion catalog for the 21st Century WomynPriest!

Why Pro-Lifers Will Win
—A few reasons pro-lifers will win…eventually.

Obama Has Received His Reward
—Obama prays so others might see him by leaking them to the press.

Are You a Fundamentalist?
—Whatever that means anyway.

A Man Among the Womyn!
—UCC Pastor gives brilliant smack to the womynpriests and Minister who participated.

X-Files is a Hateful Anti-Catholic Movie
—The truth is not there.

Stuff You Should Read
And other stuff.

Liturgical Institute Answers Liturgical Questions Online
—Have a question about the liturgy? Ask the experts.

Inflatable Church On Beach
—”Bouncy” Church setup on beach to attract sunbathers.

Whither Goes The Article, So Goes The Truth
—In the quest for truth, language is the front line.

More Incense, Less Nonsense!
—”No other religion would dare to have something so awesome.”

Colbert On the Anglican Schism
—”There are many high ranking religious figures opposed to gay priests, for instance … God!”

—For the love in the game.