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Month September 2016

Hey, The Left is Finally Excited About A Birth

So, good news. The leftists are finally excited about a birth. Normally, they’re a heckuva’ lot more excited about the opening of an abortion clinic or some judge forcing taxpayers to fund Planned Parenthood. But this particular birth is exciting… Continue Reading →

WalMart Refuses to Make Cake for Police Officer

Wait a second, Walmart can refuse to make a cake for a police officer’s retirement party because, y’know cops are racist. But Christian bakers must be forced to make cakes for gay marriages. WHAT?! So how about if a Christian… Continue Reading →

Want Hope? Check out the Sisters of Life Postulants

On September 10th, the Sisters of Life family grew! With great joy, they welcomed fifteen new postulants, along with their families. They hail from every corner of the country, and Canada: New Jersey, California, Louisiana, New York, Washington, Texas, Nebraska, Minnesota,… Continue Reading →

Cruz Endorses Trump So Why are Trump Supporters Attacking Him?

I seriously don’t get this. I understand why the #NeverTrumpers are ticked at him. I do. But I don’t get why are so many Trump supporters are attacking Ted Cruz on the day he endorsed Trump? Is it that he… Continue Reading →

Mexicans Rally to Support Traditional Marriage. Now, Dems Will Want to Build the Wall

Hundreds of thousands of Mexicans rallied in support of traditional marriage. Once the Democrats learn of this I think they’ll change their mind about that wall. They’ll want to build it high and strong. They certainly wouldn’t want any pro-traditional… Continue Reading →

7 Insanely Bad TV Shows and Movies Featuring Popes

Many Catholics are upset about the scandalous anti-Catholic new HBO show called “The Young Pope.” But Hollywood has been attacking the Church for years. I went back and looked up some movies in which the pope and the Church were… Continue Reading →

What Has the Media Wrought in North Carolina?

Remember when the biggest problem in North Carolina was the NBA crying that boys couldn’t use the girl’s bathroom. Good times. Good times. Now, obviously sections of Charlotte are literally on fire and people are being severely injured, losing their… Continue Reading →

Irony. Pro-Abort Senate Candidate Says in Ad She’s the 9th of 10 Children

Democrat Katie McGinty is running for the Senate against Republican Pat Toomey. I wouldn’t normally bring this up but I couldn’t help but feel a little horror that in her ad she attempts to connect with people because “as the… Continue Reading →

Two Coaches Took a Knee. The Consequences Are Quite Different

Coach Joe Kennedy, the high school football coach who lost his job for praying after games, recently had a plea for a preliminary injunction against officials with a Washington school district who fired him after he insisted on praying after… Continue Reading →

Why is Terror Always a “Lone Wolf” but Police Shootings are Systemically Racist?

Interesting how after every act of Muslim terror, we see leading leftist politicians such as Hillary and Obama lecturing us that this “lone wolf” has nothing to do with Islam and we shouldn’t take it out on all the many… Continue Reading →

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