Remember when the biggest problem in North Carolina was the NBA crying that boys couldn’t use the girl’s bathroom. Good times. Good times.

Now, obviously sections of Charlotte are literally on fire and people are being severely injured, losing their livelihoods, and now someone has even died.

I couldn’t help but think that the media seems to have North Carolina in its crosshairs. Think about it, the media decided to make North Carolina the epicenter of transphobia. Let’s face it, very few places have laws allowing men to use the ladies room. But the media decided that they were going to make this an issue NOW! And what better state to pick than a southern one. So they picked North Carolina to attack over this and eventually cost the state millions in revenue what with the NBA and NCAA pulling big games. But they needed to be taught a lesson and the media didn’t care about casualties.

More recently, there was a video which the media said clearly showed an unarmed black man cooperating with police and getting shot and killed. Police say that’s not what it shows at all. Police say they warned Keith Lamont Scott numerous times to get on the ground. He refused and kept walking back to his truck. Police also say he had a gun. But the media immediately ran with the story that an unarmed black man was shot and it was evidence of systemic racism. Insert riots here. Consequences be damned, the media had a story. And if the facts got in the way, just ignore them or make it a he said, she said. The media had an angle they could use. And that’s all that mattered.

Now, 16 police officers have been injured in the riots and at least one more person is dead.

But hey, it’s a good story.