Coach Joe Kennedy, the high school football coach who lost his job for praying after games, recently had a plea for a preliminary injunction against officials with a Washington school district who fired him after he insisted on praying after football games.

Mind you, he didn’t pressure anyone else to pray with him. And it was AFTER THE GAME! Yet he was still fired and now a judge has refused to reinstate him while his suit is being decided.

The brilliant Todd Starnes writes:

This is a tale of two high school football coaches from Washington state. Both took a knee at a football game.

Coach Joe Kennedy, of Bremerton High School, took a knee to pray to God. He was fired.

Coach Joey Thomas, of Garfield High School, took a knee to protest America. He was praised.

Great point. Taking a knee to pray makes you unemployed but kneeling to protest the National Anthem by a coach makes you a hero. #21stcenturyamerica.

I feature Joe Kennedy’s story in Faith Under Fire, which is available at It’s an amazing story. The book, by the way, is currently rated 4.9 out of 5 stars.