These people are social parasites. They don’t care what happens to these teens as long as they can profit off of this contamination. And when I say profit it can be monetarily or just the social praise you receive for championing the latest leftist cause.

The media is guilty of both of these.

Daily Mail: A California mom has claimed her 19-year-old daughter was ‘murdered by gender ideology’ after the CPS removed her from her home because her parents didn’t affirm her transgender identity.

Abigail Martinez stood before the California Judiciary Senate last week to blame gender ideology for taking her daughter Yaeli’s life.

Yaeli Mozelle Galdamez died by suicide in September 2019, three years after CPS removed her from her mother’s home.

This is a young woman who needed help. Instead she was encouraged to make life changing decisions at her worst moment. Disgusting. Please pray for these people who are suffering. Our society is doing them wrong.

By standing against the social contagion you are helping them even though you will be portrayed as evil.