This is not news!!! Look away. Nothing to see here. If you read on you’re probably a bigot, a hater, or a fascist or something really really bad.

In the 2016 doc that aired on MTV, the girl’s mom was told that trans kids kill themselves unless they’re supported by their parents.

Daily Mail: Back in 2016, Milo was celebrated in the MTV documentary Transformation, at the start of her female-to-male gender change, trying out Hawaiian shirts and saying she felt ‘invincible.’

Seven years later, and Milo has returned to the screen, as a female again, with a YouTube post about bitterly regretting a transition that’s left her scarred, hairy and most likely infertile.

‘It turned out to be a big mistake,’ Milo says in the clip, which went online on Wednesday.

‘I keep thinking about how, if I ever want to be perceived by society as a woman, I now have to do vocal training, and I need laser to get rid of my facial hair. But I’m just so tired.’

In recent weeks, Milo has stopped taking testosterone and regrets a transition that left her with painful medical problems cannot verify Milo’s account, but her story echoes those from the growing number of teens who speedily make ill-conceived decisions to change gender, and later experience regret and medical problems.

When Milo appeared in the MTV documentary, she became a poster child for a transgender movement that was, back then, new to most Americans and not the hot-button political issue it is now.

Aged 16, she was one of six trans and non-binary young people from Los Angeles who posed for the camera and got a wardrobe and style makeover.