Tolerance was never the end goal. That was a speed bump on the way towards eradicating Christianity from the public sphere, twisting it into something usable by the left, and eventually detaching the faith from God entirely.

Progressive Christians are no longer merely asking for Christians to be tolerated. They’re seeking to essentially “queer” Christianity entirely.


Vignettes from progressive Christianity today:

A Presbyterian church goes viral online for marking the Transgender Day of  Visibility with a public prayer to the “God of Pronouns.” The congregants of the church, First Presbyterian of Iowa City, pay obeisance to “the God of Trans Being,” giving due glory to “the Great They/Them.”

The United Methodist Church boasts the first drag queen in the world to become a certified candidate for ordination. This traveling minister, who describes drag ministry as a “divine duty,” is lauded by a Florida pastor as “an angel in heels” after appearing in that church in a sequin dress to deliver a children’s sermon and denounce the privilege of Whiteness and cis-ness.

At Duke University’s Methodist-affiliated divinity school, pastors-in-training and future religious leaders conduct a Pride worship service in which they glorify the Great Queer One, Fluid and Ever-Becoming One. The service leads off with a prayer honoring God as queerness incarnate: “You are drag queen and transman and genderfluid, incapable of limiting your vast expression of beauty.”

And the Presbyterian News Service offers online educational series such as “Queering the Bible” (2022) and “Queering the Prophets” (2023) during Pride Month. A commentary in the former refers to Jesus as “this eccentric ass freak” who challenged first-century gender norms.

These examples from this year and last are just a few illustrating how progressive churches are moving beyond gay rights, even beyond transgender acceptance, and venturing into the realm of “queer theology.” Rather than merely settling for the acceptance of gender-nonconforming people within existing marital norms and social expectations, queer theology questions heterosexual assumptions and binary gender norms as limiting, oppressive and anti-biblical, and centers queerness as the redemptive message of Christianity.

In this form of worship, “queering” encourages the faithful to problematize, disrupt, and destabilize the assumptions behind heteronormativity and related social structures such as monogamy, marriage, and capitalism. These provocative theologians and ministers assert that queerness is not only natural and healthy but biblically celebrated. They assert that God is not the patron deity of the respectable, the privileged, and the comfortable, but rather God has a “preferential option” for the promiscuous, the outcast, the excluded and the impure.

And we’ve seen it in the Catholic Church.

Last month New Ways Ministry published a piece from a doctoral student at Boston College, which said:

I look toward the queer horizon within our Catholic Church, glimpses of which are possible within the current synodal process. Yet, I am also beholden to the radical present moment and the queer people around me, whose spiritual knowledge reminds me that the Spirit is always already at work in our daily lives. Jesus in our Gospel today does not want us to miss his message about the abiding nature of God all around us and in each other.

Jesus is on queer time, and our Catholic liturgy invites us to be there with him, too.

She’ll be teaching your children in the near future.

Two students at Union Theological Seminary wrote that the resurrection is trans. According to Juicy Ecumneism:

“Busby and Nee go on to suggest that the Resurrection “is why TNBGNC Christians identify so strongly with Jesus Christ.” They say this identification is rooted in Jesus’s transition from death to life: “There is no boundary that seems so permanent and unbreachable as that between the living and the dead, and yet, Jesus crosses it.” The seminarians conclude that “If not even the binary categories of life and death are fixed, then our conception of gender must expand. Through this lens, the resurrection is undeniably trans.”

Undeniably trans?

That’s what’s being pushed in theological departments across the country and throughout the Western world. This is a perversion of the faith.

Pray. Pray for the Church. Pray that Christians aren’t fooled by this foolishness. The Church is under attack from these brainless blowhards. The Church is in need of saint. Feel free to apply.