The high court is going to have to decide this eventually. I’m hoping that this was rejected because nobody had sued the college yet over this issue.

So, in short, the Biden administration issued a federal order that requires colleges to house students based on their declared gender identity as opposed to what they actually are biologically.

This Christian school tried to prevent a lawsuit but none have been filed yet. The problem is that, without a preemptory decision, many Christian and Catholic colleges and universities will fold on this issue without a fight. You know it. They’ll say they had no choice.

This battle has to happen. There are two very different ways of looking at the world and they can not coexist. Either there is truth or there is not.

The choice is between chaos and Love. Order and disorder. Truth vs lies.

The Blaze: The Supreme Court declined to hear a Christian college’s appeal to sue the Biden administration over a federal order the college says requires schools to house students based on gender identity rather than biological sex, The Hill reported Tuesday.

“The U.S. Supreme Court left this issue unresolved. The Biden admin must be held accountable, and Alliance Defending Freedom will continue to confront government overreach,” Alliance Defending Freedom senior counsel Julie Marie Blake told TheBlaze Tuesday in a statement.

“College of the Ozarks brought this challenge for one reason: The Biden administration was attempting to force them to open their dormitories to members of the opposite sex. Though the high court chose not to review this case, we are hopeful it will soon take up related cases—both challenges to the broad overreach of the Biden administration and the government’s repeated attempts to remove from law any real distinctions between males and females,” Blake also said.

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“Because the college’s faith teaches that sex is based on male-female biology, not gender identity, the college assigns its dorms, roommates, and intimate spaces by sex and communicates that policy to students,” College of the Ozarks explained in its appeal to the SCOTUS earlier this year, as reported in USA Today.

The College of the Ozarks filed a lawsuit in April 2021 over an executive order and an associated Housing and Urban Development directive it says could force the school to violate its beliefs by housing biological men in women’s dorms and vice versa, as TheBlaze reported.

The College of the Ozarks, a Christian school, wanted to make dormitory assignments that correspond with students’ biological sex.

Under Biden’s executive order that required sexual orientation and gender identity to be considered when interpreting sex-discrimination aspects of federal laws, the school could potentially face a sex-discrimination action if it were to deny the request of a transgender student to be housed in the sex-segregated dormitory of his or her choice.