University of Mary joins challenge to harmful ‘transgender’ health regulation

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty filed a lawsuit in North Dakota federal district court last week on behalf of the Newman Guide-recommended University of Mary, the state of North Dakota, the Sisters of Mercy and a Catholic hospital system challenging a new federal regulation that forces doctors to “ignore science and their medical judgment and perform gender transition procedures on children, even if the doctor believes the treatment could harm the child.”
Add this to the list of things we hope are quickly reversed in the new presidential administration.

Pro-abortion Georgetown conference tackles ‘Dismantling Reproductive Injustices’
Georgetown University held a symposium last Friday featuring numerous abortion supporters from abortion advocacy organizations who met to discuss “dismantling reproductive injustices” in the world such as the “criminalization of self-induced abortion” and the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits taxpayer money being used to support abortion. reported that one of the pro-abortion speakers, a law professor from University of California Irvine, compared the unborn to a clotted colon.
“You can’t imagine that with any other kind of health care service that the state would force you to look on video at something that actually could be very disturbing to you,” said Professor Michele Goodwin. “For example, if you had clotted arteries or a clotted colon. This very idea that the state would make you and say, ‘well, we’re not going to allow you to have this surgery until you take a real deep look into your gut.”
There was no hiding the complete disregard for Catholic moral teaching here. Maybe the event should’ve been called “Dismantling a Jesuit University.”
Loyola Chicago class links Donald Trump to racism and slavery
A history course on slavery slated for the spring at Loyola University Chicago has reportedly been revised to include “the racist rhetoric and conspiracy theories that the Trump campaign has revived in our political culture.” If this course is going to venture into current politics, maybe it should also cover Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s support for black genocide, and Hillary Clinton’s words praising Sanger and Planned Parenthood. Or how about just sticking to the fundamentals of history in a responsible manner worthy of a course at a Catholic university.
Catholic high school students stage walkout after election, in search of #safespace
Thousands of California high school students walked out of school the day after the election in protest of Donald Trump’s presidential election victory including students at the Catholic Bishop O’Dowd High School, which issued a statement promoting “safe spaces” and “validating” students’ feelings.
“Administrators discussed prior to school starting this morning our responsibility to provide safe spaces in classrooms for students to process their thoughts and emotions, adhering to principles of civility and mutual respect,” the statement read. “We advised teachers to allow students, regardless of viewpoint, to name their feelings, claim those feelings, and for teachers to validate our students’ perspectives and feelings.”
I can remember when leaving school was considered hooky, persevering through adversity was courage and a #safespace was called a confessional.

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