Yet another example of what is actually happening is the opposite of “the narrative.”

Reporters only report news that fits the prescribed narrative.

So when a San Antonio police officer is fatally shot during a traffic stop in what looks like a targeted killing like others which have occurred previously around the country.

“I believe that the uniform was targeted,” Police Chief William McManus.

It’s not that the media isn’t covering it at all but let’s face it, all the oxygen in the room is being taken up by the narrative of white people on the prowl to say mean things to minorities. Oh, and oddly enough there are rarely any witnesses to these “incidents” and those doing it always seem to mention Trump by name.

Here’s the thing, life is too messy for a “narrative.” We don’t know what’s going to happen in any particular situation and we hardly ever know why it happened even after it does. Attempts to fit real life into a prescribed narrative is useless. What will end up occurring is that you ignore reality.

That seems to be what’s going on here. And will likely continue for a long time.