The Democrat Party is considering appointing NARAL head Ilyse Hogue as the new leader of the Democratic National Committee? As awful as that sounds, it would at least be honest.

It’s been known that the Democrat Party is the legislative and funding arm of the abortion business. But actually appointing A NARAL executive to lead the party would at least be truth in advertising.

Would it be smart? Probably not.

Things have been changing in recent years. For a long time, it seemed to me that many Republicans were a mite mealy mouthed about their pro-life position on abortion. They were often punting publicly on the issue because all of the media’s questions about abortion came from the far left. Republicans were always asked about the extremes of rape, incest, or the health of the mother. But the media never asked Democrats about their support for abortion in the ninth month.

But not only did Donald Trump bring it up, he essentially describe a late-term abortion during a nationally televised debate. I know the media didn’t talk much about that moment but I know that many people on Facebook were discussing it a lot. And I know that the “narrative” right now is to say that the country which voted for Obama twice is now a racist swamp of deplorables. But I honestly believe that moment when Trump talked about abortion in the ninth month swayed some voters.

All the polls are indicating that people are re-thinking abortion. Young people are even more pro-life than older people.

The Federalist says the pick would be tone-deaf. I agree. I think it would be bad politics indeed. But the question isn’t whether the abortion business runs the Democrat Party, it’s just whether they want to admit it openly.

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