Someone set fire to a pro-life pregnancy center which stands right across from a Planned Parenthood and fire officials are calling it an act of intentional arson.

The Catholic chapel and the meeting room were badly damaged. Because the arsonist set numerous fires, authorities concluded the culprit was fully determined to destroy the place but not to kill anyone.

The FBI were called in to conduct their own investigation. So that means that the authorities no longer deem this a local crime and it is a hate crime.

But the media has clearly deemed this a “local crime story” which means that no national news or media organizations are covering this story.

Outside of,, and other Christian news sites there’s been no coverage outside the local region. None.

For a moment, please imagine that someone had set fire to an abortion clinic. Would that be a “local crime story?” I think not. Why? Because a crazy violent pro-lifer burning down an abortion clinic fits “the narrative.” The more I think about “the narrative” it just means what reinforces the elite’s worldview.