I love Americans. For years, the government has been saying there’s no such things as UFO’s or aliens and people were all dubious and ready to storm Area 51. Now the government is like “oh yeah, we got all sorts of aliens up in here” and the people are like:

This is what happens when the trust between people and their elites is completely eroded. But it doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun.

The government planned a hearing on aliens on the day of Hunter Biden’s plea deal and revealed that the Pentagon has alien bodies and alien tech. This raises some questions.

  1. Was Trump colluding with the aliens? We should hold hearings!
  2. Was Hunter making money off them? If so, why doesn’t he have to pay taxes on that?
  3. Did the aliens not have tech so that we could have better camera systems in prisons so we could see Jeffrey Epstein’s prison cell?
  4. This would be the first case of the Biden administration collecting aliens.
  5. This “whistleblower” is being treated a bit better by the media than the Hunter Biden whistleblowers, huh?
  6. Hunter wants to know if you can snort their tech? He’s asking for a friend since he’s clean now.
  7. You mean to tell me that the Secret Service and intelligent community can’t find whose bag of cocaine it was but they can capture aliens?
  8. The Biden administration wants to know if they can send the aliens billions of dollars of taxpayer money.