This country is at a crossroads. We all know it. We stand upon a knife’s edge. Things could go either way.

The left has become completely out of control and seek to control everyone else. They are advocating the mutilating of children in the name of gender fluidity. They push for the killing of children for convenience and financial well-being. They have damaged the very concept of marriage and seek to force everyone to cheer this on. They are controlling classrooms from K to college and force children to hear and cheer for their secularist utopia. They attack religious liberty.

They cloak their schemes in crises and work to secure their grift.

Let’s be honest, it seemed they were on the brink of total victory. But some strange things occurred. For example, Donald Trump was elected. Most people I know didn’t like Trump all that much but they knew that what was going on in our government had to stop. Trump, by being Trump, made the left go completely insane and they made a mistake. They revealed themselves.

We saw the Deep State at work. We saw that the FBI, the intelligence apparatus, the media, Big Tech, Big Pharma, and the Democrat Party are all acting in cahoots to drag this country towards globalism and secularism. We suffered through Covid and through its restrictions. We all saw what happened to Epstein and saw what didn’t happen to his clients. We were threatened to inject ourselves with vaccinations that were virtually untested. We’ve seen countless acts of violence and vandalism against pro-lifers, churches, and crisis pregnancy centers -all of which go virtually unpunished. Religious freedom is restricted. Pro-lifers are rounded up on years old charges and dragged into court.

They’ve revealed themselves.

But it is now time to reveal ourselves. We started with small things like boycotting Bud Light for taking a side on the transgender issue by advertising with a man dressed as a woman whose audience is mostly children. We stopped buying at Target when we learned their LGBT Kids section was created by a Satanist.

The movie The Sound of Freedom exploded in the box office, after Disney attempted to hide it away forever. The movie has earned more domestically than the Mission Impossible movie.

There are worrisome signs here and there, though. I hear many people online cheer on the idea of an armed insurgency, a revolution. They figure the pro-gun people likely have an advantage over those who don’t. It doesn’t have to get to that. We should do everything we can to avoid that. Many people suspect that the vote was rigged the last time. It may have been. But we have to at least try coming out in huge numbers and voting. The chaos and tragedy that armed conflict engenders is horrifying.

I also hear guys like Andrew Tate push back on feminism by being the worst kind of man, an abusive amoral pimp of a man. But people are listening to him. They dismiss his failings and just point at the parts he has right.

But the only path forward is fidelity to Christ. If we veer from His path we will fall into the same fascism that the left has fallen into. Love is actually the answer. Respecting everyone as a gift from God. That doesn’t mean that we accept what they’re selling.

The answer to modern day feminism is not testosterone fueled thuggery. It is not demeaning women as revenge.

Andrew Klavan recently talked about this and he brought up many good points. We must avoid becoming what we beheld. We must avoid becoming the opposite side of the coin.

A Christian obligation must lead us forward through these dark times. If we stray from Christ we are lost. We will all be lost.